Chapter 8. Attitudinal

By Nora Tansky LeChevalier (USA); printed in The Complete Lojban Language (John W. Cowan, Fairfax, VA: Logical Language Group, 1997), Chapter 13.15.

la rik. .e la .alis. nerkla le kafybarja
Rick and Alice in-go to-the coffee-bar.
Rick and Alice go into the coffee bar.

.i sei la rik. cusku se'u ta'a ro zvati be ti mi baza speni ti .iu
[Comment] Rick says, [end-comment] [Interrupt] all at this-place, I [future] [medium] am-spouse-to this-one [love].
Rick said, "Sorry to break in, everybody. Pretty soon I'm getting married to my love here."

.i sei la djordj. cusku se'u a'o ko gleki doi ma
[Comment] George says, [end-comment] [Hope] [You-imperative] are-happy, O [who?].
George said, "I hope you'll be happy, um, ...?"

.i sei la pam. cusku se'u pe'u .alis. xu mi ba terfriti lenu zvati le nunspenybi'o
[Comment] Pam says, [Please] Alice, [end-comment] [Is it true?] I [future] receive-offer-of the event of being-present-at the event-of-spouse-becoming?
Pam said, "Please, Alice, am I going to be invited to the wedding?"

.i sei la mark. cusku se'u coi baza speni .a'o le re do lifri le ka gleki
[Comment] Mark says, [end-comment] [Greetings] [future] [medium] spouse(s), [Hope] the two of-you experience the-property-of being-happy
Mark said, "Hello, spouses-to-be. I hope both of you will be very happy."

.i sei la rik. cusku se'u mi'e .rik. doi terpreti
[Comment] Rick says, [end-comment] [I am] Rick, O questioners.
Rick said, "My name is Rick, for those of you who want to know."

.i sei la .alis. cusku se'u nu'e .pam. .o'ero'i do ba zvati
[Comment] Alice says, [end-comment] [Promise-to] Pam, [closeness] [emotional] you [future] are-at.
Alice said, "I promise you'll be there, Pam honey."

.i sei la fred. cusku se'u .uinaicairo'i mi ji'a prami la .alis. fe'o .rik.
[Comment] Fred says, [end-comment] [Happy] [not] [emphatic] [emotional] I [additionally] love Alice. [Over and out to] Rick.
"I love Alice too," said Fred miserably.  "Have a nice life, Rick."

.i la fred. cliva
Fred leaves.
And he left.

.i sei la rik. cusku se'u fi'i ro zvati ko pinxe pa ckafi fi'o pleji mi
[Comment] Rick says, [end-comment] [Welcome-to] all at-place, [You-imperative] drink one coffee with-payer me.
Rick said, raising his voice, "A cup of coffee for the house, on me."

.i sei la pam. cusku se'u be'e selfu
[Comment] Pam says, [end-comment] [Request to speak to] server.
Pam said, "Waiter!"

.i sei le selfu cu cusku se'u re'i
[Comment] The server says, [end-comment] [Ready to receive].
The waiter replied, "May I help you?"

.i sei la pam. cusku se'u .e'o ko selfu le traji xamgu ckafi le baza speni fi'o pleji mi
[Comment] Pam says, [end-comment] [Petition] [You-imperative] serve the (superlatively good) coffee to-the [future] [medium] spouse with-payment me.
Pam said, "One Jamaica Blue for the lovebirds here, on my tab."

.i sei le selfu cu cusku se'u vi'o
[Comment] The server says, [end-comment] [Will comply].
"Gotcha", said the waiter.

.i sei la rik. cusku se'u ki'e .pam.
[Comment] Rick says, [end-comment] [Thanks O] Pam.
"Thanks, Pam", said Rick.

.i sei la pam. cusku se'u je'e
[Comment] Pam says, [end-comment] [Acknowledge].
"Sure", said Pam.

.i sei la djan. cusku se'u .y. mi .y. mutce spopa .y. le nu le speni si .y. ba speni .y. .y. su .yyyyyy. mu'o
[Comment] John says, [end-comment] [Uh] I [uh] very [hope (in Institute Loglan)] [uh] the event-of the spouse [erase] [uh] [future] spouse [uh] [uh] [erase all] [uh] [over]
John said, "I, er, very hoffen, uh, marriage, upcoming marriage, .... Oh, forget it. Er, later."

.i sei la djordj. cusku se'u ke'o .djan. zo'o
[Comment] George says, [end-comment] [Repeat O] John [humor].
"How's that again, John?" said George.

.i sei la pam. cusku se'u ju'i .djordj. .e'unai le kabri bazi farlu
[Comment] Pam says, [end-comment] [Attention] George, [Warning] the cup [future] [short] falls
"George, watch out!" said Pam.  "The cup's falling!"

.i le kabri cu je'a farlu
The cup indeed falls.
The cup fell.

.i sei la djan. cusku se'u .e'o doi djordj. zo'o rapygau
[Comment] John says, [end-comment] [Petition] O George [humor] repeat-cause.
John said, "Try that again, George!"

.i sei la djordj. cusku se'u co'o ro zvati pe secau la djan. ga'i
[Comment] George says, [end-comment] [Partings] all at-place without John [superiority]
"Goodbye to all of you," said George sneeringly, "except John."

.i la djordj. cliva
George leaves.
George left.