5.15. Some types of symmetrical tanru

This section deals with symmetrical tanru, where order is not important. Many of these tanru can be expressed with a logical or non-logical connective between the components.

The tanru may refer to things which are correctly specified by both tanru components. Some of these instances may also be seen as asymmetrical tanru where the seltau specifies a material. The connective je is appropriate:

Table 5.50. Example tanru

cipnrstrigi pacru'i owl demon Skt
nolraitru prije royal sage Skt
remna nakni human-being male Qab man
remna fetsi human-being female Qab woman
sonci tolvri soldier coward Que
panzi nanmu offspring man Ewe son
panzi ninmu offspring woman Ewe daughter
solji sicni gold coin Tur
solji junla gold watch Tur,Kor,Hun
solji djine gold ring Udm,Aba,Que
rokci zdani stone house Imb
mudri zdani wooden house Ewe
rokci bitmu stone wall Ewe
solji carce gold chariot Skt
mudri xarci wooden weapon Skt
zdani tcadu home town Chi

Table 5.51. Mini-Glossary


fu'ivla for owl based on Linnean name





The tanru may refer to all things which are specified by either of the tanru components. The connective ja is appropriate:

Table 5.52. Example tanru

nunji'a nunterji'a victory defeat Skt victory or defeat
donri nicte day night Skt day and night
lunra tarci moon stars Skt moon and stars
patfu mamta father mother Imb,Kaz,Chi parents
tuple birka leg arm Kaz extremity
nuncti nunpinxe eating drinking Udm cuisine
bersa tixnu son daughter Chi children

Table 5.53. Mini-Glossary









Alternatively, the tanru may refer to things which are specified by either of the tanru components or by some more inclusive class of things which the components typify:

Table 5.54. Example tanru

curnu jalra worm beetle Mon insect
jalra curnu beetle worm Mon insect
kabri palta cup plate Kaz crockery
jipci gunse hen goose Qab housefowl
xrula tricu flower tree Chi vegetation

The tanru components specify crucial or typical parts of the referent of the tanru as a whole:

Table 5.55. Example tanru

tumla vacri land air Fin world
moklu stedu mouth head Aba face
sudysrasu cunmi hay millet Qab agriculture
gugde ciste state system Mon politics
prenu so'imei people multitude Mon masses
djacu dertu water earth Chi climate

Table 5.56. Mini-Glossary