14.20. Constructs and appropriate connectives

The following table specifies, for each kind of construct that can be logically or non-logically connected in Lojban, what kind of connective is required for both afterthought and (when possible) forethought modes. An asterisk (*) indicates that tensed connection is permitted.

A dash indicates that connection of the specified type is not possible.

construct afterthought logical forethought logical afterthought non-logical forethought non-logical
bridi ijek* gek ijoik* joigik
sumti ek* gek joik* joigik
bridi-tails gihek* gek - joigik
termsets ek* gek joik* joigik
tanru parts jek guhek joik* -
operands ek* gek joik* joigik
operators jek guhek joik -
tenses/modals jek - joik -
abstractors jek - joik -