1.7. Captions to Pictures

The following examples list the Lojban caption, with a translation, for the picture at the head of each chapter. If a chapter's picture has no caption, (none) is specified instead.

Chapter 1

coi .lojban.

Greetings, O Lojban!

coi rodo

Greetings, all-of you

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

.i .ai .i .ai .o

[a sequence of arbitrary Lojban words]

Chapter 4



Chapter 5


Chapter 6
lei re nanmu cu bevri le re nanmu
The-mass-of two men carry the two men

Two men (jointly) carry two men (both of them).

Chapter 7
ma drani danfu
[What-sumti] is-the-correct type-of-answer?
.i di'e
.i di'u .i dei
The-previous-sentence. This-sentence.
.i ri .i do'i
The-previous-sentence. An-unspecified-utterance.
Chapter 8
ko viska re prenu poi bruna la santas.
[You!] see two persons who-are brothers-of that-named Santa.
Chapter 9


Chapter 10
za'o klama
[superfective] come/go

Something goes (or comes) for too long.

Chapter 11
le si'o kunti
The concept-of emptiness
Chapter 12


Chapter 13
.oi ro'i ro'a ro'o
[Pain!] [emotional] [social] [physical]
Chapter 14


Chapter 15
mi na'e lumci le karce
I other-than wash the car

I didn't wash the car.

Chapter 16
drata mupli pe'u .djan.
another example [please] John

Another example, John, please!

Chapter 17
zai xanlerfu bu ly. .obu .jy by. .abu ny.
[Shift] hand-letters l o j b a n

"Lojban" in a manual alphabet

Chapter 18
no no
0 0
Chapter 19


Chapter 20


Chapter 21