skina - 'cinema '

kin cinem
'cinema '
x1 is a cinema/movie/film about x2 [plot/theme/subject/activity], filmmaker x3, for audience x4 5g 32 [also motion picture; x2 may be a convention rathe

[also motion picture; x2 may be a convention rather than a subject; cartoon/animation (= selxraci'a skina); television/tv show (= tivyskina, regardless of length, factual content, etc.)]; (cf. tivni, vidni, pixra, finti)


la buenon. na fraso .oi roa leo

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nazbi - 'nose 'nasal' '

naz zbi nose
'nose 'nasal' '
x1 is the nose [body-part] of x2 with nostril(s)/nasal passage(s) x3; [metaphor: protrusion] 1c 11 [also (adjective:) nasal]; (cf. degji, panci, sumn

[also (adjective:) nasal]; (cf. degji, panci, sumne, tance)


Lunar eclipse poem by Joanna Kurki

Approximate translation below. Художественный перевод ниже.

la xunre lunra

.i a'enai mi na ca sipna

.i le xunre lunra cu gapru le tsani

.i uunai ly fengu catlu mi

.i tu ciblu xunre lunra

.i oi a'onai fi mi ganlo lo murta

The Red Moon.

I can't sleep of the red moon that is above the sky.

In despair I watch the beast of blood to close the sky with its curtain.

Красная Луна.

Сон не идет, красная луна над небом.

Смотрит злобно на меня кроваво-красное создание.

На занавес небес в отчаянии я гляжу.

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dapma - 'curse 'damn' '

dap curse
'curse 'damn' '
x1 curses/damns/condemns x2 to fate (event) x3 a 22 [curse with a specific expression (= dapsku)]; (cf

[curse with a specific expression (= dapsku)]; (cf. mabla, dimna, cnemu, sfasa, dunda, cusku, cirko, jdima)


Languages Dead and Languages Never Alive

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crepu - 'harvest 'reap' '

rep harve
'harvest 'reap' '
x1 (agent) harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects x2 from source/area x3 as 2 (cf. critu, sombo, jmaji)

(cf. critu, sombo, jmaji)


Lojban Lesson 1 - Letters and Pronunciation

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Lojban Soviet Socialist Republic : vexillology

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xutla - 'smooth '

xul smoot
'smooth '
x1 is smooth/even/[soft/silky] in texture/regularity 6f 4 (cf. plita, rufsu, tengu, dikni, pinta, sakli, spa

(cf. plita, rufsu, tengu, dikni, pinta, sakli, spali)