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lanbi - 'protein 'albumin' '

'protein 'albumin' '
x1 is a quantity of protein/albumin of type x2 composed of amino acids (sequence/jo'u) aj 2 (cf. ladru, sovda)

(cf. ladru, sovda)


Trying to find The Lojban Reference Grammar as an epub

Here's the link to the project on Github: and

If I go to the second link, I see a software package for generating an epub, but it will take a while to install all those packages. Does anyone know if there's somewhere to download the epub already compiled?

Thanks! :)

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xebni - 'hate '

xen xei hate
'hate '
x1 hates/despises x2 (object/abstraction); x1 is full of hate for x2; x2 is odious to x1 2i 55 [x1 is hateful (one sense); x2 is hateful (differe

[x1 is hateful (one sense); x2 is hateful (different sense)]; (cf. djica, nitcu, rigni, prami, nelci)


kavbu - 'capture 'catch' '

kav captu
'capture 'catch' '
x1 captures/catches/apprehends/seizes/nabs x2 with trap/restraint x3 8e 33 [catch something thrown (= rerkavbu)]; (cf. jersi,

[catch something thrown (= rerkavbu)]; (cf. jersi, kalte, pinfu, sisku, se rinju)


palne - 'tray 'pan, platter' '

'tray 'pan, platter' '
x1 is a tray/platter/flat container [pan/sheet/griddle] of contents x2, and made of material x3 5c 6 [also pallet, when used for carrying rather than s

[also pallet, when used for carrying rather than support on the ground; a tray is flat-bottomed and shallow or without a rim, and is generally portable]; (cf. tansi, patxu, palta, ckana)


finti - 'invent '

fin fi'i inven
'invent '
x1 invents/creates/composes/authors x2 for function/purpose x3 from existing elements/ideas x4 8b 120 [x1 is creative/inventive]; (cf. cmavo list fi'e,

[x1 is creative/inventive]; (cf. cmavo list fi'e, ciska, pemci, zbasu, larcu, specific works of authorship, prosa, skina)


ctuca - 'teach '

ctu teach
'teach '
x1 teaches audience x2 ideas/methods/lore x3 (du'u) about subject(s) x4 by method x5 (event) 1h 72 [also instruct, instructor, educate, educator, tea

[also instruct, instructor, educate, educator, teacher, professor, pedagogue; (adjective:) x1/x5 is pedagogical]; (cf. ckule, cilre, tadni)


Would anyone be interested in creating a Duolingo course for Lojban?

If you don't know, Duolingo is a free language learning site, and on it, you can create courses for languages that don't have a course already. Anyone can create a course, as long as you're bilingual. Anyone interested?

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{lo pemci ku ma la lojbau ku} Poetry and Lojban.

Suggested topics: That slow driver in the other lane. Trees... Why your Dune fanfic is more canon.

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